Unlocking Climate Action

Sequest develops software for businesses to offer their customers simple solutions to take immediate climate action.


Climate Impact Intelligence

If we’re to avoid the worst-case scenario of climate change we must cut our carbon emissions in half by 2030, at a rate of 7.6% each year.

If we want to be part of the urgent action that is required to avoid this worst- case scenario, we need an accessible solution that understands how our spending impacts the climate.

Sequest's mission is to provide this accessibility, empowering individuals and businesses with the means to track, reduce and offset their climate impact.

Carbon Sequestration
carbon sequestration, noun
A natural or artificial process by which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and held in solid or liquid form.

Sequest’s Climate Impact Index

Sequest's Climate Impact Index and offsetting solution is a proprietary cloud-based software which turns individual's or organisation’s financial transactions into a climate impact footprint.

Sequest integrates with digital platforms, enabling end users to calculate their carbon footprint and offset their impact with a few taps of the screen.

For Platforms

88% of us want businesses to help us live more sustainably. Sequest’s aim is to help its clients do this, by providing customers with accessible solutions to take positive climate action and live a more sustainable life.

We are looking to partner with pioneering companies that want to raise their game in solving the climate crisis, and help plug the financing gap for global scale ecosystem regeneration and emission sequestration. Please contact us here if you are interested.

Technology Design

By implementing our software on your platform, you can empower your customers with a simple way to take immediate climate action
Mobile and web based platforms can seamlessly integrate Sequest’s Climate Impact Index and offsetting software onto their system using Sequest’s cloud-based API and SDK tool kit.
Secure financial data via banking integration or Open Banking APIs.
Climate impact score based on financial transactions is presented to the user via a dashboard. Currently, covering scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions of all transactions.
Seamless, bespoke offsetting via a few taps. Users pick their offset plan and preferred internationally certified offset project. Clients can have their own branding to ensure the dashboard sits correctly in their web or app service.

For Individuals

It’s difficult to know and feel like individual actions can help stop climate change. That’s why Sequest have built an easy to use carbon footprinting and offset software so you can monitor your personal impact, start to take action and feel good!

With just a few taps on a screen, Sequest provides visibility to your climate impact and offers the chance to compensate for  negative effects by financing tree planting or renewable energy projects across the world.

Why Sequest?

Easy Access
Calculating and offsetting your carbon footprint is time consuming. Sequest are partnering with recognised businesses for universal accessibility
Understand your impact
Cut through the noise and understand the impact of your lifestyle in 1-tap so you can take effective action.
Personal Choice
Choose from a range of certified offsetting projects to support and feel good about


Does everything have a carbon footprint?
Everything you buy releases carbon emissions into our atmosphere. Throughout a product's life cycle energy is required to farm, manufacture and transport it, this energy results in the release of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Thus, every individual and business has a carbon footprint which contributes to climate change.
Why now?
The world has less than 10 years to transform the economy to stop drastic climate change. Currently, the responsibility lies on businesses and governments to do this, but change won’t happen fast enough unless individuals help to reduce their personal carbon footprint too.
How does a carbon footprint work?
A personal carbon footprint works out the amount of carbon dioxide your lifestyle produces throughout the year. It is represented in Kg of CO2. The average person in the UK produces 8 tonnes of CO2 each year. Which is equivalent to driving a diesel car 48,000km.
How is the carbon footprint calculated?
Currently our calculator covers the carbon emissions of each industry's supply chain depending on the location of the transaction. We have partnered with Carbon Analytics to provide the analysis.


What is a carbon offset?
There are many ways to take action to reduce your footprint, Sequest offers two solutions. Firstly, by financing tree plantations as forests have the incredible ability to store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Secondly, financing the development of renewable energy sources/energy efficiency measures to avoid and reduce the greenhouse gases and carbon emissions generated during energy production. Both of these solutions are called Carbon Offsetting.
How much does it cost to offset?
The average person produces 8 tonnes of CO2 each year. The cost to take 1 tonne of CO2 out of the atmosphere is £10. Therefore, it costs approximately £6.70/month to become carbon neutral.
Where does the offsetting money go?
Sequest provides individuals and businesses with the ability to finance projects that store carbon dioxide in the ground. You will be given the choice to fund either tree planting or renewable energy developments. Each of these projects are vetted and accredited by an internationally recognised standard to ensure your money is going to the right place and has the most impact.
How does Sequest make money?
Sequest takes a 10% transaction fee to cover its costs. Of that, 3.2% is used for the payment transaction. 5% goes towards the development of Sequeset and the rest goes towards our commercial partners to cover their costs of involvement.


Sequest believes collaboration is the key to solving the climate crisis. Therefore, the Sequest’s team has partnered with leading organisations to develop and enhance its climate impact index and offsetting solution.